Jessica's Class

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Welcome to Jessica's Third Grade Class

End of Year Events

  • Field Day- May 30th from 11-1pm. Bring water bottles and a lunch ( optional). 
  • Culture Presentations-  June 2nd 

School Wide  Announcements 

Performing Arts Summer Camp
Rocky Mountain Theatre for Kids hosts summer performing arts camps in both Denver and Boulder, where students ages 8-17 learn about the performing arts while working towards a full theatrical production at the end of each camp. Each camp show is complete with music, blocking, choreography, set, lights, costumes, props, hair & make-up. These camps are a wonderful way to learn and grow through an openly creative and interactive process. This year, they are offering a full-tuition scholarship to African-American and Latino students. Below is the official scholarship description. For more information or to apply call our front office at 303–245–8150. You can also find out more about Rocky Mountain Theatre for Kids at
SOAR School Hours for 2017-2018
It is with great excitement that we share, our proposed bell times for next year are confirmed. This change opens up the opportunity to offer a robust after school enrichment program and more importantly, rigorous and consistent academics.
As a reminder, school arrival times are staying the same:
· 7:45 AM: Free breakfast for all students in the cafeteria
· 8:00 AM: School doors open
· 8:15 AM: Instruction begins
· Dismissal will occur at 3:15 PM, on all days of the week.

Important Dates

· May 29, Memorial Day Holiday, No School for students
· June 1, 5th Grade Continuation, Student Union Building 1, Main Gym, 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM
· June 2, Kindergarten Continuation Celebrations, SOAR School, 11:15 AM to 1:00 PM
· June 2, Last Day of School, Half-day



Gifted and Talented

Gifted & Talented (GT): Cecilia/Amy

Please check out the GT website at:  

Class Announcements

Please look for a progress report on Monday, May 2nd. I will email a copy home and send home hard copy on Tuesday, May 3rd. 

This Week In Class


In the final weeks of school, we will be studying the fiction genre. Starting May 5th, we will be starting a social action unit in reading workshop. We will be studying different cultures and deepen our understanding of the people and world around us. We will develop close reading habits, continue to grow our comprehension strategies and research countries and cultures from the around world.

By the 3rd week of May, we will be completing our final round of reading testing. Please look for your students istation report and DRA report which will show their reading growth. 


We are currently writing fairy tale adaptations! Student chose their favorite fairy tale and decided to write their own version of the classic story. For the last week, we learned how writers plan their ideas and how to incorporate story elements like the: setting, problem, solution, central message, etc. 

Next week, we will begin drafting our stories. In this unit we want students to develop their own creative spins, include descriptive imagery and to follow a common pattern of events!


Our last unit will focus heavily on multiplication and division. Students are working on memorizing multiplication facts and using efficient strategies to solve story problems.

Students are also learning about how to use partial product, arrays, and doubling to solve more challenging multiplication problems. 

 Word Study

We are learning about how to write complete sentences with  a subject and predicate. In addition, students recently took an assessment testing their knowledge of sound and spelling patterns. This will help us to pull word study groups and to explore different words together. 

This week we are learning about subject and verb agreement. 

High Frequency Words 

Each week students will learn 5 new words that are used widely in the English language, in texts and while writing. We will practice spelling these words, writing these words in context and reading the words. This week our words was:   even, though, Tuesday, etc. 

Students will take a spelling test every week and will bring a copy home every Friday.  


Reading Homework- 

Reading Log ( 100 minutes per week)

Math Homework-

DreamBox ( 60 minutes per week) 

To access DreamBox go to:

Writing Homework-  Students should write a story, article, poem or other entries in their writing notebooks. Students should write one entry per week. 



Science Team 

Please check out our science team’s website at:   


Theatre with EJ & Derek

Please check out the theatre website at:     


Music with Yuzo
Please check out the music website at:

Visual Arts

Art with Krystal!